Games are cool. Crypto is cool. Putting them together is Glitchr.

In this article, we will answer these questions:

· What is Glitchr finance?

· What’s our end goal?

· Why should you trust us?

· What differentiates us from the other crypto projects?

Let’s answer these questions shall we?


Glitchr Finance is a crypto project incubator. We create game changing crypto projects that both user and the crypto community in general can benefit from. Think of us as a digital lab with 6 mad scientists in it. Except these scientists change the way things are done in their industry.

We have currently developed two crypto projects which we will be releasing to the public very soon. These will be game changing in their respective areas of development.


A leap of faith.

We want to be a household name known for making super innovative projects. We don’t want to be just another “flash in the pan” crypto project that promises the world but doesn’t deliver. We make promises we can keep, and we will continue to do so until we reach our end goal.

Equally, we want to change the perception “normies” have of crypto. There are many scams and rug pulls left and right, and this makes newcomers scared. We want these new comers to know that there are legitimate crypto projects that are with them from start to finish.


A bit of faith.

We are who we say we are. A crypto project that will bring innovations and change the industry for good. But you don’t have to take our word for it. After all, actions speak louder than words.

To cement your trust in us, we will execute the following steps:

· We will destroy the minting keys publicly once we have minted only the supply we promised to mint. No “accidental” second mints.

· Liquidity will be locked immediately the token is listed. In fact we will announce the listing and liquidity locking together.

· We will ensure the highest level of security on all our products.

· We will not use any loopholes to get more tokens. Our team allocation will be the only thing our team will get.

· We will fairly distribute any and all airdrop tokens.

· We will perform occasional audits on our source code.


· Longevity: We’re here for the long run. Not just to make a quick buck.

· We will give back to the community, rather than just take from them.

· We will make actual innovations, rather than just care about the prices of our tokens.

That’s who we are! Make sure you keep an eye on our announcement channel and follow our socials! All linked below.




Incubating the world’s greatest crypto projects.